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Crouse Bianco

According to the “Associação Têxtil e Vestuário Portuguesa” clothing and sneakers labelled “Made in Portugal” has achieved high international notoriety and reputation in the textile industry. As a result, we designed the Crouse Bianco tekkies with the understanding that the quality of our footgear could not be compromised.

At Crouse Bianco we are dedicated not only to upholding that reputation through our sneakers but also to our sole mission of fixing fashion by reviving the emotional value and lifespan of fashion items.

At Crouse Bianco the process of creativity and manufacturing takes the experience of the individual by manifesting an ideal philosophy of sustainability, ethics, quality, creativity and innovation into a sleek modern design.

We believe that the shoe makes the man or woman. Due to that belief, we have embedded the same energy of passion and craftsmanship into our values of ethical fashion.

Pioneering with environmental sustainability and ethically sourced materials. Crouse Bianco sources its materials ethically; following the guidelines of fair trade International. Furthermore, we partake in business practices that centre around treating people in our supply chains with dignity and respect.

Making Of Crouse Bianco Sneakers