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Author: Bongani Khoza
Author: Bongani Khoza

 How to Clean White Leather Sneakers

You will need: Baking soda also known as bicarbonate of soda, dish soap, Hydrogen peroxide, nail polish remover, household bleach, a toothbrush, a Bowl, a tablespoon, a Paper towel, Soft Cloth and Cotton balls

Create a mixture of 5 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in the bowl. Unlace the shoes, Dip the toothbrush into the mixture and begin by scrubbing the sneaker all over. Once thoroughly cleaned wipe down the sneaker with a damp paper towel and drench the cotton balls with nail polish remover and clean the midsole of your shoe with them to achieve ultimate whiteness. Lastly, Soak the laces in a bowl of bleach and cold water for 5 minutes and wash in temperatures of 40-60°C.

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